Bosch PLR 50 C Digital Laser Measure

Distance measurement

Absolute precision: Millimetre-accurate measurements up to 50 m at the press of a button.

Area measurement

Calculate square metres: Only two measurements are needed to determine the exact size of an area.

Volume measurement

Measure room volumes in no time: Calculate the volume of a room in just three quick clicks.

Continuous measurement

Measure minimum or maximum distances: Measure a whole area to find the longest or shortest distances.

Incline measurement

Measure the incline of an object: Tilt the PLR 50 C to the side to measure inclines with ease.

Spirit level

Effortlessly level objects on two axes in one step.

Addition of distances

Unburden your memory: The PLR 50 C can store multiple distance measurements and add or subtract them for you.

Addition of areas

Avoid calculation errors: The PLR 50 C adds and subtracts areas for you.

Addition of volumes

Measure, store, calculate: The PLR 50 C measures, stores, adds and subtracts volumes too.

Indirect distance measurement

There’s no stopping it measuring: The PLR 50 C’s indirect distance measurement calculates distances of up to 50 m with a single click – even with obstacles in the way.

Height measurement

No need to remove obstacles: Measure heights easily with the indirect measurement function.

Double indirect height measurement

Direct height measurements hampered by obstacles? That’s not a problem for the PLR 50 C: It can still calculate heights from two measurements and an angle.